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Masterbuilt Gravity Fed 800 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker. 





The Gravity Series 800 from Masterbuilt is a game changing digital charcoal griddle, grill and smoker.  Like the other models in the gravity series, you have all of the control and convenience of a gas bbq with all the flavour of a charcoal smoker.  On the Gravity 800 Series, it comes with an interchangeable manifold which enables you to redirect the heat upwards to make the most of the inclusive heavy duty cast iron full size griddle.  Convert the grilling area into the ideal place for smash burgers, breakfasts, fish and veg.  When not in use, the griddle stores away below on a bracket of the grill.  This digital charcoal grill and smoker enables you to cook restaurant quality food at the touch of a button.  The DigitalFan enables you to control the temperature of the grill from either the control panel or your smart phone, hassle free, and get all the flavour that only charcoal can bring.  Fill the hopper with your choice of briquettes or restaurant grade lump wood charcoal, light a single fire cube and get cooking on charcoal in minutes.  This is going to be the BBQ to own in 2021 because its so versatile and yet easy to use and produces amazing food every time.


  • The Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series Digital Charcoal Griddle, Grill and Smoker is a the must have BBQ for 2021 and a game changer in the UK barbecue market.  All the convenience of a pellet grill yet with all the flavour and smoke which only charcoal can bring plus the ability to convert into a full size griddle for plancha style cooking, smash burgers, the ultimate breakfast, you name it this grill can do it..  Super easy to use, this grill will reach 225 degrees F in 7 minutes from a cold start and has a temperature range topping 700 degrees F,  With an inclusive temp probe, and room for an additional three probes, you can cook a multitude of food at once in the same grill.  With a folding front stainless steel shelf for food preparation and a massive 800 sq inches of cooking space this is a grill big enough to handle any cooking style from smoke, grilling, searing, roasting and even rotisserie cooking.  There's a wood smoking hopper at the bottom for you to put in your choice of smoking wood too and the grill is easy to clean with the removable ash collector. 


    1. Massive 800 sq inches of cooking space
    2. Interchangeable manifold to gain maximum heat into the inclusive griddle
    3. Interchangeable grill plates and full size griddle with drainage hole
    4. Gravity fed charcoal hopper able to take up to 7kg of briquettes or 4.5kg of lumpwood in one go and can burn for up to 8 hours on a low temperature
    5. Reversible heavy duty cooking grates for searing and smoking
    6. Folding front and side stainless steel shelves
    7. Smoking wood box to add extra flavour to your cook
    8. Digital control panel to set temperature and easily control the grill
    9. Bluetooth and Wireless control via the Masterbuilt app which includes recipes
    10. Storage box for power supply
    11. Digital Fan for precise temperature control
    12. Built In Temperature Gauge in the lid
    13. Includes One Temperature probe for accurate food cooking with room for an additional three probes.
    14. Reaches 225 degrees F in 7 minutes and goes to 700 degrees F in 13 minutes from cold start
    15. 12 month comprehensive warranty
  • Lead Time: Delivery end of March 2021
    Delivery Type: Tracked Pallet Delivery
    Express Delivery Available: No

  • Width (mm): 1390
    Height (mm): 1290
    Depth (mm): 770
    Weight: 67kg

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