BBQ Rub Gift Pack | The Rude Collection


BBQ Rub Gift Pack | The Rude Collection


With this BBQ Rub Gift Pack, you can take your BBQ event to the next level.  This Rude Collection gift pack will have your friends and guests queuing up back at your BBQ for seconds in no time!  These BBQ Rub Gift Packs really are some of the best BBQ Accessories you can buy and with no real effort or skill needed, you can create some unique flavours to your food which your BBQ party will be a success and your friends will think you are a Masterchef.  Here we have the Rude Collection Gift Pack.

Making the ideal present or gift for a loved one, this box set provides 3 excellent BBQ Rubs which add serious flavour to your cooking.  This box contains 3 Championship Winning BBQ rubs from the USA.




    In this box set, we have the Rude Collection Rub Pack which comprises of 3 Championship Winning BBQ rubs for you to enjoy.  The pack contains 'KC Butt Spice' BBQ Rub, 'Pit Happens' BBQ Rub and Pig's Ass Rub.

    Simply take the meat in which you want to enhance, depending upon how strong you like your flavours, use a small amount of the rub and literally rub all over the meat you are going to cook like you would with any seasoning.

    Throw onto the BBQ, cook the meat how you like it and watch the amazement in your guests when they sink their teeth into something seriously tasty!!!  

    Form an orderly queue at the BBQ as something seriously tasty is cooking!!!!



    1. Pack contains: 'KC Butt Spice' BBQ Rub 176g
      The perfect blend of sweetness and spices all the way from Kansas City, the home of the BBQ, makes this rub a chance for you to be seen by your guests as a Masterchef!!!.
    2. 'Pit Happens' 198g
      A perfect rub for slow cooked meats, this will work wonder on brisket, steaks and burgers.  Adds a real smoky taste to your food.
    3. Pig's Ass Rub 184g
      A tangy, savoury and strong rub, this will give you the perfect smoked fire grilled steak flavour.  Your friends and family will be back queuing at the BBQ before you have even had time to have a bite yourself!!!
    4. Can be used on any Gas or Charcoal BBQ
  • Diameter(mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Weight: 1kg 

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