BBQ Rub Gift Pack | The 2nd Championship


BBQ Rub Gift Pack | The 2nd Championship


Be it cooking on a Gas or Charcoal BBQ, you will struggle to find a better BBQ Accessory to buy than one of these BBQ Rub Gift Packs.  If you want to amaze your friends or guests with some seriously tasty food, are looking to add different flavours to your BBQ cooking, transform plain tasting meat into something mouthwatering all with minimal effort and skill level required then one of these amazing BBQ Rub Gift Packs will have the desired effect so buy with confidence.  Here we have the 2nd Championship Collection BBQ Rub Gift Pack.

Making the ideal present or gift for a loved one, this box set provides 3 excellent BBQ Rubs which add serious flavour to your cooking.  This box contains 3 Championship Winning BBQ rubs from the USA.




    In this box set, we have the 2nd Championship Collection BBQ Rub Pack which comprises of 3 Championship Winning BBQ rubs for you to enjoy.  The pack contains Three Little Pigs 'KC Championship' BBQ Rub, Plowboys BBQ 'Bovine Bold' BBQ Rub and Plowboys BBQ 'Yardbird' BBQ Rub.

    Simply take the meat in which you want to enhance, depending upon how strong you like your flavours, use a small amount of the rub and literally rub all over the meat you are going to cook like you would with any seasoning.

    Throw onto the BBQ, cook the meat how you like it and watch the amazement in your guests when they sink their teeth into something seriously tasty!!!  

    Form an orderly queue at the BBQ as something seriously tasty is cooking!!!!



    1. Pack contains: Three Little Pigs 'KC CHampionship' BBQ Rub 184g
      Suitable for all types of BBQing including smoking, and goes on any meat or vegetables, as well as soups, baked potatoes this mix of sweet and spicy flavours gives any food a boost.
    2. Plowboys BBQ 'Bovine Bold' BBQ Rub 184g
      Brilliant in Shepherds Pie or Bolognese sauce, this rub goes with any meat and ideal for everyone to enjoy.  Works wonders on mince!
    3. Plowboys BBQ 'Yardbird' BBQ Rub 194g
      Ideal for chicken, this rub will give you seriously tasty championship standard food with a savoury taste, with a hint of sweetness followed with a touch of heat at the back of the tongue.
    4. Can be used on any Gas or Charcoal BBQ
  • Diameter(mm): 
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    Weight: 1kg 

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