BBQ Rub Gift Pack | The 1st Championship


BBQ Rub Gift Pack | The 1st Championship


If you are looking to add some serious flavours to your BBQ cooking, transform plain tasting meat into something mouthwatering, or amaze your friends or guests with some seriously tasty food with minimal effort, then you will be hard pushed to find a better accessory for your BBQ, be it gas or charcoal, than one of these amazing BBQ Rub Gift Packs.  Here we have the 1st Championship Collection BBQ Rub Gift Pack.

Making the ideal present or gift for a loved one, this box set provides 3 excellent BBQ Rubs which add serious flavour to your cooking.  This box contains 3 Championship Winning BBQ rubs from the USA.




    In this box set, we have the 1st Championship Collection BBQ Rub Pack which comprises of 3 Championship Winning BBQ rubs for you to enjoy.  The pack contains Killer Hogs - The BBQ Rub, Eat BBQ Zero to Hero Sweet Rib Rub and Eat BBQ The Most Powerful Stuff BBQ Rub.

    Simply take the meat in which you want to enhance, depending upon how strong you like your flavours, use a small amount of the rub and literally rub all over the meat you are going to cook like you would with any seasoning.

    Throw onto the BBQ, cook the meat how you like it and watch the amazement in your guests when they sink their teeth into something seriously tasty!!!  

    Form an orderly queue at the BBQ as something seriously tasty is cooking!!!!



    1. Pack contains: Killer Hogs 'The BBQ Rub' 176g
      A balanced blend or organic sugars, salt, smokey peppers and spices making this a great choice.
    2. Eat BBQ 'Zero to Hero' Sweet Rib Rub 190g
      A sweet rub with a touch of heat, goes well with pork, chicken, ribs and fish
    3. Eat BBQ 'The Most Powerful Stuff' BBQ Rub 201g
      A brilliant all purpose meat rub with a base of salt and pepper, garlic and chilli and goes great with beef, poultry, pork or vegetables
    4. Can be used on any Gas or Charcoal BBQ
  • Diameter(mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Weight: 1kg 

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