BBQ Charcoal Flavoured Smoker Chips - Choice of Fantastic Flavours all the way from Spain

Cook In Wood


Amazing BBQ Smoking Flavoured Wood Chips - You won't find these in your LOCAL GARDEN CENTRE!

Using a time honoured tradition of oak barrels to store wines and spirits, these fantastic 350g bags from the La Rioja region, which you will not find in your local garden centre, pack a flavour which is sublime.

The barrels are used to store the wines for several years whilst they mature, before being emptied.  The barrels retain the colour, taste and aroma of the wines and spirits which then develop an amazing taste to your cooking.

In resealable bags, simply pour the amount you need into a dish and soak for 30 to 60 minutes.  When ready, drain and pour the chips onto tin foil or a smoker box and put into your BBQ. 

Can be used on GAS and CHARCOAL BBQs with the same effect.  The smell and taste is amazing, and you get far better results if you have a lid for your grill.

Choose from White Wine, Red Wine, Whiskey or Brandy, these chips will smoke any meat or fish dish.

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