Kamado Charcoal Barbecue XL Ceramic Egg in Gunmetal by La Hacienda

La Hacienda

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Kamado Charcoal Barbecue XL Ceramic Egg in Gunmetal by La Hacienda


Cook up a storm this summer and have a real conversation piece at your outdoor event with the brilliant Kamado Charcoal Barbecue XL Ceramic Egg in Gunmetal by La Hacienda.  A Kamado is a ceramic egg shaped charcoal fired oven allowing you to grill, sear, bake, roast or smoke a massive range of food which makes this such a flexible product to own above and beyond the standard charcoal or gas BBQs on the market.  The huge egg shape, sat inside a stainless steel trolley with castors, makes it easy to move this 140+ kg beast of a grill around your outdoor area.  It is limitless what you can cook inside these aga like outdoor barbecues and with handy side shelves, Free Heat Deflector, Free Cover, Free Grill Expander and Free Delivery, this beautiful outdoor oven finished in smooth enamelled gunmetal will leave a lasting impression on your friends or family.





    A Kamado is a heavyweight ceramic outdoor barbecue which can cook food over charcoal just like any BBQ.  With its unique design and with the lid down, it transforms into a BBQ smoker, a high heat oven, a low heat oven for slow roasted meats and with the inclusive accessories in the price has an enormous and versatile cooking area.  This XL size model will accommodate any large gathering of friends or family and is just as easy to use if there was two of you.  Many Kamados which you see for sale fail to include the most important accessory, which is a heat deflector, as without this, all you have is an expensive attractive looking charcoal barbecue which will cook burgers just like any other grill.  We include the Heat Deflector for Free, this protects the meat from the direct flame of the charcoal allowing you to cook big pieces of meat with the lid down for hours at a low temperature such as Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket.  We also include a Free Grill Expander to increase the amount of grilling area available, so you can stack meats above each other whilst cooking.  We also include a Free Cover to protect your Kamado when left outside.  Finished in a smooth Gunmetal colour, this Kamado does not have a dimpled effect finish like many you see on the market, and comes with foldable slatted side shelves with handy tool hooks.  Impress your friends, family or any guests with this great looking outdoor oven which looks awesome and something different to your standard BBQs and expand your cooking skills with such a flexible barbecue.  Delivery is by pallet to the kerbside of your property, this is a seriously heavy piece of kit weighting excess of 140kg so you will need two people to lift the ceramic egg into the cart once you have built it.  The cart takes minutes to screw together and you will be up and running after unboxing in less than 40 minutes.


    1. High quality clay egg shape already pre-built
    2. High quality easy to build steel cart with lockable castors for easy movement
    3. Free Rain Cover
    4. Free Heat Deflector - the most important accessory
    5. Free Grill Expander to increase cooking area
    6. Stainless Steel main grill
    7. Temperature Guage
    8. Top and bottom vents
    9. Easy open hinged lid
    10. Foldable slatted side tables/shelves with tool hooks
    11. Smooth enamelled finish in Gunmetal
    12. Easy and quick to construct
    13. Burns small amount of charcoal for many hours
    14. Sear, Bake, Roast, Grill, Slow Cook
  • Height(mm): 1310 
    Width (mm): 1350
    Depth (mm): 800 
    Weight: 145kg

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