Bayliss MK.7 Triple Spring Greenhouse Automatic Autovent Roof or Window opener


The Bayliss MK.7 Triple Spring Automatic Roof Vent Opener is the ideal accessory to give much needed ventilation to your greenhouse.

  • Triple Spring model suitable for opening top hung timber or aluminium framed vents as well as being fitted to roof vents in exposed positions to increase resistance to wind flutter.
  • Triple Spring action has a closing force of 1.8kg approx 4lbs
  • Will operate vents up to 3ft by 2ft (900mm by 600mm)
  • Simple and Easy to fit thanks to the comprehensive instructions included
  • High quality, long lasting item made right here in the UK
  • Backed by 2 year UK Manufacturer guarantee
  • Solar Powered - non electric or cables required
  • Can be set to start opening at 55F approx 13C
  • Finished in satin anodised
  • Superb item, a must have for any greenhouse owner
  • Compatible with most greenhouse models whether they are timber or Aluminium

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