Electric Greenhouse Heater - Affordable Greenhouse or Shed Heater & Cool Air Product


Maintaining your Greenhouse temperature is vital when growing during the winter months and this handy and affordable  Heater also offers a cool air option for added ventilation during the summer!

Thanks to its tough, durable, green plastic casing this sturdy heater offers two power settings, 1000 watt and 2000 watt, so is easy to use and makes warming up your plants a simple job.  Power output is 2KW so can heat a greenhouse up to 10ft and comes with a thermostatically controlled frost guard, which can be activated to maintain a minimum temperature of 5 degrees during the colder months.

The thermostatic makes this an efficient unit and the additional cool air flow setting makes this a great addition to any greenhouse providing another ventilation option in the warmer months.

For piece of mind this model comes complete with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Delivery Information
Lead Time 3 to 5 Days
Delivery Type Tracked
Express Delivery Available Yes

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